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Site Management
I can preview my changes before publishing live
  • Stage / Live separate environment
  • Customise layout
  • Add new modules such as Social Media, SEO, etc
Version Control
I can easily keep track of my changes
  • Version Control
  • Instant Publish
  • Site roll-back
White Label Solutions
I can build my own white labelled portal
  • Choose from Design Templates
  • Replicate existing site in few clicks
  • Customise Themes and branding
Device Detection
I can even set intelligent URL detection on my site
  • In built Advanced Device Detection capability
  • Add multiple domains to my site
  • Automatically redirect users to my mobile portal when accessing from their mobile device
Asset Management
I can manage my own digital assets with ease
  • Add / replace branding images with few clicks
  • Upload audio/video/documents
  • Download assets